Re: Internet Banned in Afghanistan

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 12:21:40 MDT

Bill Douglass wrote:
> The Afghanistan government seems to enjoy thumbing its nose at the outside
> world with announcements of new and novel methods of repression and
> self-destruction, but now one is left to wonder, what's next? After all,
> they've banned women from the workplace, as well as games, paper bags (might
> be made from pages of the Koran,) even clear windows facing the street in
> private homes (someone walking by could see a woman inside, so they must be
> painted black,) men from cutting their beards, and now the internet. Before
> long they'll come up with something new, but they're running out of things
> to ban!

What about toilet paper? (assuming they had any before the ban on paper
bags). I'd imagine that the idea of wiping one's behind with paper that
might have been recycled from pages of the Koran would be a high
offense. This gives me an idea, if toilet paper is not outlawed already
there: purposely make toilet paper with recycled Koran paper, and donate
it to afghanistan without telling them about its origins until they use
it all and come back asking for more....

> I'd hazard a guess that, even before this ban, there were fewer than fifty
> internet-connected computers in all of Afghanistan, and that most of them
> belonged to NGOs (foreign Non-Governmental Organizations). Don't get me
> wrong, zero is worse than forty or fifty, and this news certainly shows that
> things, as bad as they are in Afghanistan, can get even worse.

Are NGO's included in the ban, even if they use satellite connections of
their own?

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