recap (was NANO: _Forbes_ cover story)

From: Bill Douglass (
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 10:17:05 MDT

At 12:48 AM 7/15/01 -0500, I wrote:

>The latest issue of _Forbes_ has a cover story on nanotech.

Natasha wrote:

"Can you give us a brief recap of the story?




Just wanted to let you that I didn't respond to this because, in the lag
time between receiving list digests, it seemed your request had been
adequately addressed by a couple other list members.

I do recommend a free online _Forbes_ subscription for those who aren't
inclined to get the newstand edition. They put the whole magazine online as
soon as it comes out, though one wonders how long that will last. I suspect
they'll eventually follow the wise examples of others (_Wired_, and more
recently _The_Atlantic_Monthly_) in putting the full content of the regular
magazine online only after the issue has been available at newstands for a

Best wishes,

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