Re: SETI/ASTRO: MBrains/JBrains & Globular Clusters

From: Robin Hanson (
Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 11:19:25 MDT

Robert Bradbury wrote:
> > Care to make any predictions about observational features
> > of these objects? That is, if they were MB or JB, what
> > would that predict about them?
>The Nature paper documents 7 events, 1 resolved and 6 unresolved.
>The resolved event has a predicted mass of ~0.13 M_sun, ...
>If the resolved example is not a small star, then it could be a
>Matrioshka Brain around a small star. The properties of that should
>be a black-body radiation spectral emission curve (i.e. no "typical"
>stellar absorption or emission lines in the spectra) with an peak
>emission frequency indicating a temperature ranging from 2.7K up
>to perhaps 2000K with a higher probability for temperatures in
>the range of 63-373K. ...
>The 6 unresolved objects (because the HST didn't take images
>frequently enough to provide the full light curves) have
>a guesstimated mass of ~0.25 M_jupiter which would put them
>clearly in the Jupiter Brain class. ... spectral
>properties and temperature of these would be similar to those
>previously stated, ... a lot of fiber connecting the internal
>nodes, ... needs a *lot* of silicon ... If the spectra of the
>stars in the GC indicate they are low in C/Si/O relative to
>other less useful elements (perhaps Na, K, Ca, He, Kr, etc.)
>then that could be an indication that star lifting is occurring ...

The peak temperature prediction is pretty weak, but the no
emission/absorption lines prediction seems stronger, though
it will probably be quite a while before that prediction gets
tested. How about a prediction about the motions of these objects?
Would you not expect to find them not attached to stars? How
close to a star would you expect to find them? If not attached,
how fast would they be drifting between stars?

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