RE: have a good summer

Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 11:45:22 MDT

From: Amara Graps

>I need to take a break from here for a while. I'm under a huge
amount of stress and I don't have a buffer of patience to handle
normal people interaction (or even abnormal people interaction)
in a good and positive way so I'm finding myself reactive and
defensive, explaining myself when I don't need to explain myself,
and so on.<

I remember about 6 months ago, I needed to take a break from the list because I was trying to develop a strategy for dealing with the mounting anti-technology groups and others opposed to biotechnology. Although it was an entirely different set of circumstances than what you have experienced from the series of threads pertaining to religion and spirituality, I felt a similar level of frustration. But I didn't leave the list because of this. I said good by because I needed to funnel my thoughts into a plan and then take action, which I did with Pro-Act.

Amara, you have a perspective that is unique not only because of your science training and high-level programming background, but also because you are able to experience the occurrences in your life as a series of stories - interconnected and challenging. With a sense of poetic, you recall the incidents that carve character as both turning points and reflective axes.

The pearls of your knowledge will not be appreciated or understood by everyone. This is okay. Not everyone agrees with me that Transhumanist Arts and Culture are important to our future. Not everyone agrees with me that our transhuman history is essential to our future growth. Not everyone understands that transhumanism was started in alternative arts spaces before leaping onto the Internet, not in a technology lab.

Choose your communicants carefully, battles wisely, and don't waste your precious pearls on anyone who doesn't know how to taste the difference between nacre and plastic.

>After some more business travel and finally, some holidays,
I'll be back later, probably in the Fall. Have a good summer.
Bye for now.<

I look forward to your return!


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