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From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 07:31:18 MDT

From: "scerir" <>
> Galileo, working
> only on instinct and bits of rumors, never having actually *seen* the
> Dutch spyglass, had a 3-power telescope. After some refinement,
> he brought (August 1609, 21th) a 10-power telescope to Venice
> (San Marco bell-tower) and demonstrated it to a highly impressed
> Senate (they could see a distant church, at Padua).

Nice work! Thanks for the research.
I'll try to remember: August 21 (it's a Tuesday this year) is Galileo Day.

Stay hungry,

--J. R.

Useless hypotheses, etc.:
 consciousness, phlogiston, philosophy, vitalism, mind, free will, qualia,
analog computing, cultural relativism, GAC, CYC, and ELIZA

We won't move into a better future until we debunk religiosity, the most
regressive force now operating in society.

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