Re: Debunking Synchronicity (was: Debunk All Religiosity Equally(D.A.R.E.)

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 02:03:31 MDT


        Thanks for your patience and for your well-expressed ideas and
way of living life. I greatly admire you and I'm very glad you
are here.

> To the hard-core deconstructionists out there, I suggest going out
> and playing music or dancing or using some other means to turn off
> your deconstructionalist tendencies. Please remember that we have
> different value systems, different 'true' and 'untrue', different
> experiences and so on. I don't agree that deconstructing the world
> with science yields all answers possible. There are other ways to
> learn and discover too.

Yes. That would be wonderful to get across. With the ramp
toward Singularity continuously rising humanity faces its
deepest challenges and its greatest opportunity. It is strange
to me that we would even consider facing this with only
science. It will take the fullness of what we are and then
some. Life always does, but especially now when literally
everything for everyone rides on what we choose, how we choose
and how we treat one another.

> Can you tell me that you know all that is in your subconscious? Do
> you learn from everything you can of what's around you? Have you
> used every tool that seems useful in order to know? Do you find joy
> and wonder and wisdom in what's around you?

Sometimes I feel so much of it that I am "in danger" of blissing
totally out. <g> I would give anything to turn people on to
just that. No dogma or doctrine, just that joy, wonder and

> Lee was originally asking questions for definitions, so I did my
> absolute best to find words (which mostly don't exist) to explain
> some perspectives. He or J.R. can choose to accept it or not, and
> ask questions to try to understand the different perspectives
> better, but I must say that I was horrified and very dissapointed to
> hear the immediate knee-jerk condemnations "False" that my way to try
> to see what was in my subconscious to gain wisdom, be open to learn from
> my environment, trying to bring me to a higher awareness with what
> life had to offer me. I don't find it 'false' at all that life has
> a richness that I can't explain, and I'm doing my best to explore it
> and learn about it in every way available to me.

May your exploration always take you deeper into this incredible
beauty and joy and may it deeply nourish you and those around
- samantha

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