Dustin Hoffman, cryonics

From: zeb haradon (zebharadon@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 21:15:54 MDT

I'm reading this book "Future Noir: The making of Blade Runner". I just got
to page 85, and it was talking about how Dustin Hoffman was originally
considered for the role of Deckard. It goes off on a tangent for a paragraph
and says this:

     "'Hoffman was involved for a couple of months,' Fancher continues. 'But
during that time I started seeing parts of the story veering into what I
thought were overly familiar areas. Dustin was enamoured of cryogenics
[SIC], for example. He began talking about how freezing people with deadly
diseases before they died and then being able to successfully thaw them out
was really going to happen someday. He was a big fan of that. [Blade Runner
director Scott] Ridley got off on the idea, too.'"

So I'm wondering, is he signed up for it? Should he be? Anyone else have any
quotes from him?

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