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From: Chris Hibbert (
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 14:52:53 MDT

Brian Atkins wrote:
> wrote:
> > Occasionally people ask if I want to upload when it becomes possible, and
> > the answer is no. I want to enhance my mentality, but I don't want to
> > climb simulated mountains, I want to climb the real rocks, eroding, subject
> > to unpredictable weather, and requiring great effort to reach in some cases.
> See this is what I was talking about when I reviewed the Final Fantasy
> movie. Many people when you talk about living in a computer/simulation
> have this idea that it will be some kind of cheesy unrealistic sim. When
> in actuality it can be just as real as the "real world".

I don't claim it will be any less "realistic" than reality. By the time
people (or at least I) will be willing to move in, the resolution will be
as good as you want. But someone will have to have made a choice about
which moment in the lifetime of the rock to recreate, and at what rate to
let it erode, if at all. Different people will climb different mountains,
and few of them will choose to climb with potentially fatal consequences
enabled. It will be a different sport. I also climb at an indoor climbing
gym. It's a different sport.

> BTW, you do
> realize you may be already living in a sim right now?

I realize that it's possible that that is how this reality is implemented.
At this point, I don't see any reason to lend more credence to that
hypothesis than to the one that suggests that there's an omnipotent,
omniscient being who doesn't interfere in our affairs very often.

I should probably mention, in the context of recent discussions of
filtering that I run my filters differently than most. I have the list
turned off, except for authors whose writings I've chosen to read. I
occasionally see a new name quoted in other people's replies, and decide I
want to add that name to the list of people whose messages I see. Your
name wasn't on my list before, so I only saw your message in Mike Lorrey's
reply. I will add your name to my list. If there was more to your message
than the paragraph I quoted above, I'd appreciate it if you'd resend it.

Sorry I missed the original.


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