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Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 14:54:23 MDT

See also #TL05AB: Anthropomorphism and Related Phenomena

Two very important books shed further light on why most humans
seem to have a need for "religiosity" in its numerous forms:
* Wings of Illusion
* The Corruption of Reality
by John Shumaker

I have covered a small part of this territory in The "Unreality Imperative"
but still have to flesh it out considerably.

Frederick Mann

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> > 'Faces in the
> > Clouds: A New Theory of Religion' by Stewart Guthrie
> >
> <
> f=sc_b_2/107-3519305-4017345>.
>Thank you! Looks like yet another book I need to read.
>Book Description
>Religion is universal human culture. No phenomenon is more widely shared or
>more intensely studied, yet there is no agreement on what religion is. Now, in
>Faces in the Clouds, anthropologist Stewart Guthrie provides a provocative
>definition of religion in a bold and persuasive new theory.

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