re: The Extropian religious war

From: John M Grigg (
Date: Wed Jul 11 2001 - 22:16:31 MDT

  Natasha wrote:
> I realized it was his/her personal view, however it
> makes me wonder why. People who go to church, people who value ideas other
> than extropian ideas, people who have a desire or need for

  Spike wrote:
  How about "who value ideas other than what some think are the
  limits of exptropian ideas"? The above makes it sound like
  there is precisely this opposition and fundamental incompatible
  that I don't agree exists or not as widely as is often assumed.

  And if efforts to influence the public and mass media are successful, we will need to find common ground with those who are different in their world view!

>spirituality are
> not backward and unintelligent. Many are creative and highly intelligent
> and who simply see things a different way because of deeply ingrained
> belief systems, early imprinting, fear of the unknown, social conditioning,
> professional affiliation, or simply like the music, atmosphere and wine.

   Spike wrote:
   Some of us don't buy that the future we dream of can be acheived
   by only science, technology and a fairly rigidly defined
   rationality. We are after any and all means that are a help and
   especially after a unifying vision.

   I think Greg Burch perceptively stated recently how the transcendant vision of transhumanism does have a connection to the fondest hopes of "aspiring to higher things" in religious though.

  Spike wrote:
  Some of us are there because we grok the deep transcendent
  energy present and the caring openness and find it a very
  fertile place to sow extropian memes. <g>
  Aha, sounds like Spike is doing "missionary work!"

  Spike wrote:
>It really isn't an either/or im my book and experience.
  FM-2030 in his book, "Are you a Transhuman?" made a similar point about how people in various ways have transhumanist aspects to their lives, even if on the surface you would not think so.

  best wishes,



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