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Date: Wed Jul 11 2001 - 03:14:08 MDT

At 09:10 PM 10/07/2001 -0700, Robert wrote:
>Of the notes I have read on this issue, I think people here are really
>missing the point. People who have strong beliefs in religion live longer
>because they have established a sense of emotional fulfillment in terms of
>their place in existence, a value system, and a community. Religious
>belief is only one expression of this phenomena.

This is one possible explanation. But it must be remembered that it is only
a theory. Until somebody comes up with hard facts even my rather silly
explanation of fiddling the numbers could be correct.

>Three other examples approached from different angles support this
>contention. First, women's life expectancy in developed western nations is
>longer than men's. That is because women are more capable of developing
>deeper, more satisfying emotional relationships.

Another explanation could be as simple as women's metabolism running
slightly slower than men's. I am sure I could come up with more...

Women cook and so are more likely to eat balanced diets.

Women have a culture of listening to their bodies, unlike men who often
don't seem to recognise problems before they become dangerous. (I've
recently read a piece from a doctor pleading that men become more conscious
of their bodies.)

>...the never been married single man has the lowest life expectancy. This
>fact has also been demonstrated in many survival situations. One example
>being the Donner party, being trapped by winter snows in the Sierra
>Nevada, the unattached single men were the first to die.

Young men have hardly any subcutaneous fat. In snow-bound conditions this
can be a fatal trait. They also tend to be more reckless. They certainly
have more car accidents than any other part of society.

>Lastly, in the Nazi concentration camps those who were best able to
>psychologically survive the experience were those who held a strong belief
>system giving them the tools to deal with the situation
>. This included, Catholics, Jews, communists, etc.

I can't think of another explanation, and feel you may have the correct
interpretation here, but just because it sounds right doesn't mean it is.
It still may be completely wide of the truth.

All your explanations may be completely correct or may be totally wrong.
All we can do is suggest possibilities until someone goes out and does the
experiment to prove it one way or the other.

OK. Any volunteers to sign up for a nazi-style death camp? Your death would
be in a good cause... :-)


         - Miriam

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