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Date: Mon Jul 09 2001 - 15:53:54 MDT

Religious war is fine with me...just keep it friendly; at least as
friendly as an NHL hockey match. Both Bush and Vatican use the expression
"Culture of Life" as loosely as drunks in a beer parlour. But let's ask
them to sober up and tell us about their faith expressed in public works
as a model city plus surroundings. Then let's see who will buy in.

On Mon, 9 Jul 2001, L B wrote:

> --- "Michael M. Butler" <> wrote:
> > L B wrote:
> > >
> > > Hi, all! I got this off the Extropy website and
> > wonder
> > > at this point what it all means to us. I realize
> > that
> > > I am pretty green on this list, and that we should
> > not
> > > all believe everything we read, but I think you
> > > understand the source and nature my questioning.
> >
> > <snip>
> >
> > Well, I have to say that I don't. What _is_ your
> > questioning?
> > If I don't know that, I can't understand the source
> > and nature
> > of it.
> >
> Sorry, Mike. "Blah blah blah...wonder what it all
> means to us." was a suggestion of it. I was trying not
> to be antagonistic, and at times being too direct can
> cause people to think this. The perils of being a
> newbie, I guess. :)
> Yes, my question is this: the recent religious war
> seems to fly in the face of most of Max More's
> outline, and I wonder if a war at all is in keeping
> with these principles. Are these principles really
> part of extropian thinking? Were they just Max More's
> own interpretation of extropianism, an interpretation
> that it is not necessary to agree with to call onself
> an extropian?
> Just didn't expect such hot tempers on this list. I
> know nothing, Mike, but am a very peaceful person.
> Just trying to understand, and leaving open-endedness
> for the sake of a thorough education. Sorry it was so
> nebulous.
> It doesn't seem like defending religion or debunking
> it requires anger or insults. It seems anger and
> insult actually detracted from the arguments I read,
> making the spiritual people (who would often have
> everyone believe they were more peaceful people for
> it) very belligerent, and also making the anti-theists
> seem irrrational, reminiscent of the day I saw a
> 2-year-old scream at everyone because he had erasers
> stuck in his ears but couldn't hear anyone who was
> trying to help.
> I am at a loss after reading Max's list. I am sure it
> is of very little consequence overall, but religion
> and anti-religion are two things I would like to
> understand better. I can't this way. Both sides in
> this war were not only uninformative, but I now
> understand less than before. So I question extropian
> principles in light of the war.
> I realize I am leaving myself open to being bashed by
> both sides of the conflict, but there it is. Bash
> away, I am tough and won't strike back. It is not my
> way.
> Merriss
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