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From: Russell Blackford (
Date: Sun Jul 08 2001 - 21:12:31 MDT

Miriam said:

>>I recently opted for poverty in order to extend myself. I quit my
>job to
>try and get on with a peculiar passion of mine. <large snip>
>I have noticed that I either earn money OR have the time to do the things I
>want -- never both. So I have decided for the latter and carry on the fine
>tradition of the starving artist. :-)

I've had a financially comfortable career (though not always comfortable in
other ways, by any means) as an academic, a labour relations advocate, and
ultimately in professional legal practice. My writing - fiction, criticism,
journalism on issues of philosophy and public affairs, and academic articles
- only has to make me a bit of pocket money... at least until now. And, in
truth, I have sufficient investments built up at this point that I don't
ever expect to be any kind of "starving artist" as Miriam describes herself.

However, it is certainly my experience that there's a tension between having
time to do things and having money freely available.

I'm actually planning to leave my "day job" in September and spend at least
two years on other priorities: travel, writing, study, spending time with
friends and family. Having made my (admittedly very modest!!) fortune here
in my 40s I don't see the point of making too much more. However, I see a
lot of point in further self-development, creativity, companionship and
collegiality, and the joy of a good fight or two in a few decent causes.



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