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Date: Sun Jul 08 2001 - 18:28:19 MDT

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>This would be an INTERNET MIND VIRUS.
>Persistant little beggar, too -- anyone care to give an analysis on why
>one is so much more resistant to its antimemes than, say, the kidney
>extraction story?

Because it's so close to reality. Corporations are always attempting to get
the gov't
to impose fees, taxes, and restrictions on their competitors in attempts to
their profits. Simarily for non-corporate entities like unions and
professional associations.
It's an especially plausible approach for a corp which is basically just an
arm of
the gov't itself. It's hard to find activity analogous to kidney stealing
but analogous
to this tax - farmers, lawyers, doctors, steel companies, dockworkers,
Amtrak, - phew -
the list goes on for days.

The post office has maintained a legal monopoly on hand mail for decades.
tried legal challenges to UPS and Fedex, among others. You know they
would propose the "email tax" in a minute if it had the slightest chance of

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