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Date: Sat Jul 07 2001 - 16:26:04 MDT

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(spoiler space just in case)

>What I didn't like was that I didn't
>see Monica and Henry as being very good characterizations. Her sudden
>conversion to 'imprint' David was not realistic, especially, and her
>abandonment of David was not believable. I imagine that one or two
>scenes of Henry demanding David be gotten rid of after the pool incident
>likely wound up on the cutting room floor. This was IMHO a bad decision
>in editing.

I thought Monica was very reasonable. The pool and hair incidents showed
David had the capacity to kill people, yet lacked the judgement
to properly restrain himself. He didn't *intend* to hurt people, sure,
but it's results that count. And, as the robocide scene shows, Henry
was right about intent - David could be vicious under the right circumstances.
Not that urges to do such things are unusual in people - but we (normally)
control ourselves. David lacked the necessary judgement and self-control
Buggy beta version, as some have said.

(I agree the decision to imprint was completely out of the blue)

>Moreover, the idea that a computer like David would be so flawed as to
>believe so strongly in a fairy tale is completely unbelievable.

No - very believable - ever heard of an infinite loop? Another
very serious beta bug.

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