D2 Walk for Capitalism

From: Mike Linksvayer (ml@gondwanaland.com)
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 19:57:44 MDT

Those of you interested in taking a page from the anti-globalism/luddite
playbook may find this interesting:


        Are you ready?
        Then WalkforCapitalism on D2.

        Yes! Show that you are a positive defender of individual
        rights, free trade, intellectual and economic liberty. Show
        that you are opposed to the thug-like ideas and actions of
        anti-capitalists like M1 and S11.

        Their smearing graffiti, chanting slogans, use of violence
        and intimidation are no substitute for REASON. They have
        no place in a civilised society. It's time to stand up for
        freedom and prosperity. Now! Human creativity and invention,
        business, profit, production, free trade - both local and
        global - desperately need your support. Now, more than

        Whether you are a poet or a labourer, an entrepreneur or
        a charity worker, a teacher or a soldier, a scientist or
        a doctor - declare your support for Capitalism on Sunday,
        December the 2nd, 2001. Join our symbolic rally through
        your city. Declare that only you and you alone own your
        life. Not the government, not "society". You know it's
        true. Now let's walk the talk!

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  Mike Linksvayer

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