Re: Happy July 4th Independence Day!

From: L B (
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 11:56:56 MDT

> Bob Black went further by writing
> The Abolition of Work
> No one should ever work.

This is all well and good, but tell me where survival
comes from? Apparently we will no longer need money,
if we no longer work. If we do, though, how do we get
it--welfare-like distributions? And for that matter,
if we don't have it, do we turn all houses into small
personal farms or other production facilities?

I have a very simplistic way of viewing this because I
have not thought it out well yet, so please forgive me
that. But the ultimate result it seems is this: either
way, distributed money or personal production, it
appears to be a wonderful way for whatever necessary
distribution centers to gain control over us or for
failing personal farms (or communes) to be at the
mercy of a larger body.

I would love to eliminate the concept of work. No
wonder I "play the violin" for a living and yet get
criticized for not being practical. If I were commonly
said to "work the violin" people might have a
different viewpoint.

And I do work hard, or play hard depending on your
orientation here. Without frets a violinist worries
anyway about everything, but then to have the "working
critic" poop kittycats every time a "violin player"
makes the slightest miscommunication really takes the
play out of it.

Work and play. Slavery and independence. Today,
yesterday, tomorrow. Connotations, denotations.

Should I trade a violin lesson for a small basket of
corn and half gallon of milk? If I did that I wouldn't
have to pay income taxes. Ha ha ha!


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