Re: Scrooge McSpike has spoken... : )

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 00:55:18 MDT

John M Grigg wrote:

> Spike wrote:
> >I don't see why it is necessarily a bad thing to have >most of the population living on the edge of fiscal >ruin. It keeps society humming, eh? spike
> "At this festive season of the year, Mr. Scrooge," said the gentleman...

AHA! I see you have fallen for my little trap. By bringing
up Mr. Scrooge, you have made my point so much better than
I could have ever done, John. Note that Eb Scrooge's time was
pretty recent. All the proles had it awful! Even the rich Mr.
Scrooge had a very uncomfortable life, cold in the winter,
hot in summer, odor of horseshit constant fact of life.

As recently as a century and a half ago, there were terrible
labor conditions, no decent medical care for anyone, horrifying
work weeks, child labor etc. Today even the poor have it
good. We generally dont suffer like even our grandparents.
We are soft, I tells ya, SOFT! 40-50 hour work weeks, HAH!
Luxury! Decadence! spike

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