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Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 21:56:51 MDT


On 5 Jul 2001, at 11:07, Harvey Newstrom wrote:

> John Marlow wrote,
> > Harvey Newstrom wrote,
> > > In a battle of memes, the anti-GM factions have won this round.
> >
> > Actually, that's not correct--the pro-GM industry has lost it through
> > its own blundering incompetence.
> You are absolutely right. It is more accurate to say that the industry shot
> itself in the foot with this one.

# First reaction: Too bad it wasn't in the head. (Sorry; couldn't

> > > If GM foods are to continue to be a viable technology, we must be
> > >able to control it so that we decide whether it goes into our food
> > >or not.
> >
> > Well, you know, another blundering bad-PR strike against these guys
> > is their rabid insistence that there BE no labeling and, hence, no
> > choice. 'You'll eat it and drink it and pay us to do it whether you
> > want to or not,' has been their attitude from the start--just like
> > the food-irradiation guys.
> Yes, I have spoken for labeling myself. I fear allowing other people to
> make scientific choices for me. I often find myself in a scientific
> minority. Let's face it, cryonics, life-extension drugs, life-extending
> diets, AI computing, and nanotechnology are controversial issues. Many
> scientists would gladly override our choices in these matters because they
> do not believe we are scientifically correct. I would rather have full
> documentation, and then I will make my own choice.
> I don't trust the tobacco industry to tell me if cigarettes are safe for me.
> I don't trust the meat industry to tell me if mad cow disease is a concern
> for me. I don't trust the auto manufacturers to tell me if my RV might flip
> over. I don't trust software manufacturers to tell me if their product has
> bugs. Frankly, I don't trust anybody with a large cash incentive to lie to
> me. Open documentation with independent verification is the only safety
> protocol that works.

# I'm with ya--but don't hold yer breath. Oh--and you forgot not
trusting the feds to tel you whether you have syphilis for 30 years,
or whether they've experimentally irradiated your unborn child, or
whether aspartame causes glioblastomas, or...

# I'd throw in the little gray men at Nellis--but I wouldn't want to
appear PARANOID, or anything, y'know?



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