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From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 19:29:16 MDT

At 11:25 AM 7/5/01 +1000, Russell Blackford wrote:

>it is possible for individuals to make an
>incremental difference to such political debates.

Your submission to the parliamentary enquiry is indeed a good, crisp model
for others to emulate. I hope people feel encouraged to do so.

>Last week, I posted some
>fairly daunting material on the list, which was in answer to an anti-cloning
>article I came across in _The Journal of Law and Medicine_. The material I
>posted was a short extract, dealing with "human dignity", from an 8500-word
>philosophical article that I wrote in reply. My latest good news is that the
>Journal has now accepted this for publication.

Congratulations! It'd be nice to see a lot more of this from others on the

>Damien has
>managed to get material published here in places with much larger audiences
>than any of these.

Last night, Emlyn appeared on the national Aussie TV program AFTERSHOCK, on
the topic of `Cyborgs', under the Extropian banner. His contributions seem
to have been slightly cut&pasted. How'd you feel about it, Emmers?

>PS If anyone goes to the site I posted, have a look at Professor Julian
>Savulescu's submission

Julian is a rare example of a rational and articulate contributor to
ethicism debates on hitech issues. He appeared with me and a couple of
others in taping the final ep of AFTERSHOCK, scheduled for the last
Thursday in July.

Oh, and next month I've been invited to give the keynote address to a big
four-day dog & pony show in Brisbane, `Ideas at the Powerhouse', where my
speech has been entitled (not by me) `The world will get weirder - the end
of the human era'. They're even paying me decently to be there, mixing with
the Nobel Prize laureates and all... :)

Damien Broderick

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