Re: CYC yourself up for AI, Lab notes

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Wed Jul 04 2001 - 20:13:26 MDT

Sabine Atkins wrote:
> In his latest column, "Cyc Yourself Up for" A.I.," Wil McCarthy gives
> smart
> machines an I.Q. test and wonders if robot friends could really be just
> around the corner."
> " For several months now, Microsoft has been blitzing the airwaves with
> commercials for "enterprise software," a mysterious commodity which is
> apparently supposed to amaze us with its ability not to hold grudges, be
> surprised or get bored or lonely. I find this highly amusing, since all
> it really says is that the world's favorite monopoly is still operating
> in the mechanistic 20th century, whereas in both tradition and fact,
> 2001 is the year of artificial intelligence."

Interesting. We are over halfway through 2001 and I see no
signs in the market at large that this "is the year of
artificial intelligence". I see at least one major AI effort
killed off by the economic downturn, a relatively small portion
of Cyc scheduled for Open Source, some interesting paper and
theoretical work and little else. Does someone out there have
more evidence supporting the above?

- samantha

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