Re: News Items Needed for Exponent

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Wed Jul 04 2001 - 06:18:31 MDT

"A weekend spent with wonderful people injecting each other with verbal
nootropics. I haven't had this much fun in the presence of real physical
people since college."

"E. Shaun Russell" wrote:
> HI all,
> It is the time of month again to ask you all for items of extropic interest
> to be included in this month's Exponent newsletter (members only). As
> always, please send any items to me privately at
> Of particular interest is your reaction to Extro-5; any soundbytes,
> comments or other info (URL's to such are fine) would be welcomed.
> Please submit any of the above by this Friday.
> Thanks!
> E. Shaun Russell
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> E. Shaun Russell Operations Officer, Extropy Institute
> COO and Director, Kryos Biomedical
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