Nazis and Palestinians (Was Re: Another No-spoiler review of A.I.)

From: David Lubkin (
Date: Tue Jul 03 2001 - 22:04:24 MDT

On 7/3/01 at 12:46 PM J. R. Molloy wrote:

> Brian Phillips wrote,
> > I have often wondered what the Palestinians think of
> > Mein Kampf.....
> That's a fascinating angle, and one that never occurred to me. I guess
> it was the Nazis who were indirectly responsible for inflicting the
> Israelis on the Palestinians. My hunch is that the Palestinians do _not_
> consider their enemy's enemy their friend. IOW, I imagine they think
> Mein Kampf is as full of balderdash as the Torah or Das Kapital. In
> which case they'd be correct for all the wrong reasons.

Err, I don't know what 'Palestinians' think *now* but there's a massive
documentation of Arab collaboration with Nazis during WW II and subsequent
Arab praise -- some quite recent -- for Hitler and Nazism (from Nassar,
Sadat, Assad, Arafat, etc.).

As for the Torah and Das Kapital being viewed as 'balderdash', Islam
reveres some of the big names in Judaism, like Abraham, there were many
years of Arab nations being client states for the Soviets, and some Arab
dabbling in Marxism (as in the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen).

Meanwhile, Israel had its own flirtation with socialism which they still
haven't totally recovered from. One of the reasons I'm a libertarian is
having lived there; a small dose of socialism can have an innoculating
effect. (Anders: what has your political evolution been?)

Brian's preceding comments re Israel's behavior toward the 'Palestinians'
strike me as the sort of baiting that triggers our gun flamewars. There
is some truth in what he said, but it's a misleading 5% of the total
story. I won't get into detailed rebuttal though unless other people
want to discuss it.

-- David Lubkin.

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