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I'd like to add to and expand the Chinese thread by posting a recent
on that country's geopolitical position from the excellent Jane's
Should be of interest to those that have followed the discussion:

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The China-Pakistan alliance

Despite differing political, economic, ideological and social systems,
Pakistan and China have developed enduring strategic ties since their
relationship was first established 50 years ago.

Besides political and diplomatic co-operation, the two countries are
extensively involved in wide-ranging defence co-operation, particularly
the controversial area of nuclear weapons and missile technology.

The present period of shifting regional and global balances of power has

provided the two countries with greater opportunities to strengthen
alliance than ever before. Now intelligence reports indicate that secret

talks on nuclear development are currently underway.

It is against this background of growing convergence of their interests
the recent visit to Islamabad of Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji must be
The following developments are worth noting:

1. Sharing the Chinese vision of a multi-polar world, Pakistan's
chief executive, General Pervez Musharraf, expressed his opposition to
regional dominance of India and global influence of the USA and called
instead for a greater Chinese role in international affairs. By
the US National Missile Defence (NMD) programme in the presence of the
Chinese leader, he has made clear Islamabad's strategic support for
- which is also opposed to the US' plans.

2. General Musharraf also unequivocally expressed the view that "the
Pakistani people hope and pray that Taiwan will reunify with the
mainland of
the motherland before long".

3. In return, commenting on Pakistan's internal affairs, Premier Zhu
praised Musharraf for promoting stability and economic development, thus
albeit indirectly - endorsing his military regime.

4. The visiting Chinese leader also offered Beijing's support for
Islamabad's position on the Kashmir issue.

5. In addition to signing many economic agreements (along with $250
worth of credit), Beijing has also extended assistance in developing
Pakistan's nuclear power infrastructure and other core industrial
Rongji further announced that Pakistani imports would be given priority
order to remove the trade imbalance between the two countries.

6. Even more importantly, the two countries signed agreements construct
jointly the deep-sea Gwadar Port on the Makran Coast in Baluchistan.

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