RE: SOC/ECON: Critique of the anti-globalists

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Date: Fri Jun 29 2001 - 00:13:50 MDT

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On 28 Jun 2001, at 22:54, Harvey Newstrom wrote:

> Since I researched a massive tome on nutrients, I am probably more
> interested in food contents than most people. I am frustrated that
> corporate lawyers would choose to restrict the labeling of food
> because it would confuse the public. This seems to be dumbing down
> information to the lowest common denominator. Just at a gut level, it
> seems to be anti-consumer, anti-market, anti-knowledge and
> It might be the best public policy, but it goes against my libertarian
> views for anarchy, self-determination, and fully informed self
> But that's just my opinion. Obviously, most people disagree.

I agree. I don't want anyone else deciding what I am allowed to know
my food. I don't even think we need to worry about confusing the public
the information. Those who aren't interested, don't read the labels now.
wouldn't even mind a label that said something to the effect of "GM
#1234", if
I could look up GM #1234 somewhere, e.g., the price lookup terminal in
store or on the internet.

Linda B

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