Re: Movie Review - AI Artificial Intelligence

Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 10:31:20 MDT

I suspect that many of us are missing the point in evaluating this movie.
We are looking at it from an Extropian perspective, but that is not how
it was intended to be seen.

The movie is certainly not meant as a case study, a cautionary tale
about how not to design your robot. It is probably not even meant to
get people to be nicer to their robots in the future.

The point of movies like this, which mainstream reviewers understand,
is to relate to today's people and today's life. The robots and such
are just a vehicle to tell stories about people today. The movie is
not about people's inhumanity to robots, it's about people's inhumanity
to people. It's not about a robot who learns to love, it's about love
itself and the pain and joy it can bring.

No mainstream reviewer has suggested that the movie teaches them anything
about how they should behave in a future world where robots are common.
This prospect is so remote and unlikely from the perspective of most
reviewers that it would be absurd to draw any such lesson.


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