Re: NEWS: Reuters story on AI (Kurzweil and Vita-More)

Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 23:54:12 MDT

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<< Two assumptions that would be sufficient to recover the private
 life of dead individuals would be:
 a) that it is possible to scan the complete brain/consciousness
 at some point in the future;
 b) that it is possible to time-travel under closure (without
 spawning off some alternate universe).
 An alternate for (b) is that some advanced Power already set up
 equipment and has been making such recordings all along. Which
 brings us back to the original scenario.
 - samantha >>
Have you considered the old physics notion of unitarity-that even inside
black holes, once these stellar objects release enough Hawking Radiation, the
information is released? Hence the data is merely stored and released and
not annihilated. Our thoughts and memories are, of course, electrochemical
interactions and patterns that are unsustainable for very long. Given that,
photons and electrons, interacting as part of the patterns, can be construed
as a kind of reverse-determinism.

Gather the paths up in the correct, fashion, and you once again have the
pattern. All that said its going to be a freaking, huge, distance in time
before purported minds or mind will re-assemble said patterns (pattern
identity theory). Your suggestion sounds more sensible, over the "short
term", but mine is for an epoch that would make Ander Sandberg's Jupiter
Minds look like bright, pre-schoolers.


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