SPACE: Tourism / Game Show: Destination Mir

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Date: Sat Aug 12 2000 - 14:23:36 MDT

Who would have guessed that the pioneer in private space tourism would
be the Russians...

Survivor' Spin-Off May Involve Mir

MOSCOW (AP) - ``Survivor'' lovers, brace yourselves. The reality-TV game
show rage may climax with the winning contestant in a spin-off series
blasting off for a stay aboard Russia's Mir space station.
 Mark Burnett, producer of the wildly successful ``Survivor''
television series, has signed an agreement with the MirCorp investment
group to develop a project at Russia's cosmonaut training facility
outside Moscow, Burnett's manager said Friday. The show, tentatively
named ``Destination Mir,'' would track contestants as they endure
rigorous training in preparation for a trip to the 14-year-old station.
Russian training specialists would eliminate contestants who aren't up
to the task, and the last one left would win a rocket ride to Mir.


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