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>I seem to recall a newspaper article a few years back, that was talking
>about how all the grazing cattle
>in the farmlands of the US and Europe could be a significant factor in the
>greenhouse effect from methane flatulence.
>I laughed it off then, but if this new, very well researched study by the
>Chinese says the dinosaurs killed
>themselves that way, then maybe we should go kill all the cattle, and save
>our planet!!!
>Adam Budda

It's not's whales. Stands to reason doesn't it? Imagine the
volumne of a whale-fart!!!! The lonely but heroic Japanese recognized that
problem years ago and set about..(aided by the Soviets...and a few
individualists out of Nantucket) save the Planet.

Alas...uninformed media coverage turned Public Opinion against them...thus
endangering the very existence of the world's ecology.

Bloomington Ill

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