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Date: Fri Aug 11 2000 - 04:53:37 MDT

> Damien Broderick wrote:
> > Well, that was implicit in my irony, of course, but really I don't think
> > the Kennedys have been around nearly long enough. This is Cabots and
> > Lodges territory, no?

> > ...No, the *real* power is in the hands of the
> technocracy. Ahhhh, nerdvana. To hell with the meek, the smart have
> finally inherited the earth. spike

> It was always a misprint - it should say "the geek shall inherit the
> Unfortunately, it's singular; big bill.
> Emlyn

Another dissipating 'singularity' it seems.

Originally portrayed as a father-son event (see Warren Buffet & Bill Gates
in your favorite search engine), this election-year's powermonger festival
seems to be shaping up as a Gates-Allen duel. Perhaps this is most evident
in the State of Washington, where the Lakeside alumni are quite successfully
bred. Allen's 'failed' Common's venture seeded his growing culture of
real-estate holdings in the Seattle area. Combine this with the Seahawks and
Experience Music Project(EMP) and you will get dizzy trying to distill his
diversified strategies into a cohesive plan. Top this with his recent $11M
to SETI for The Allen Array and what have you got?

Compare this to Gate's 'altruistic' giving to vaccinate the entire
third-world population, college-funding for minorities, and matching grant
for low-income housing for families with children.

Can "Allen takes on Gates" be far behind "Bush takes on Gore" ???

For additional ruminations on this topic see:
[Seattle's wealth explosion changes the civic landscape] by O. Casey Corr
of the Seattle Times

Aside: (and totally OT)
Who slipped the brain laxative into R.'s coffee?

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