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Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 23:38:44 MDT

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Alex Future Bokov wrote:

> Application for Renewel of domain name
> by Anonymous Coward
> Offtopic
> Network Solutions, Inc
> 505 Huntmar Park Drive
> Herndon, VA 20170
> April 1, 2000
> Mr. Jeff Bezos
> President and Chief Executive Officer
>, inc.
> P.O. Box 81226
> Seattle, WA 98108-1226
> Subject: Application for Renewel of domain name
> Dear Mr. Bezos:
> We recently received your application for renewal of the ""
> domain name for your company,, inc. Unfortunately, we must
> reject your application, and assign you an alternate domain name
> instead; for the reasons outlined below.
> As you are no doubt aware, the .com top-level domain is intended for
> use by for-profit corporations. Many such corporations are registered
> with Network Solutions, and this policy is unchanged.
> However, it has come to our attention, as evidenced by recent SEC
> filings on behalf of, inc., that your company has yet to
> turn a profit. As such,, inc. no longer qualifies for a
> domain name in the ".com" hierarchy. However, based on your
> financial performance, you do qualify for membership in the ".org"
> domain; which is intended for non-profit organizations. Unless there
> are any objections from you or your representative, Network Solutions
> will assign, inc. the new domain name "". (We
> would have assigned the shorter "" domain, but that domain
> is currently assigned to a website for the San Fransisco lesbian
> community.)
> To be frank; we were gravely concerned about the amount of money that
>, inc. has been losing. We were seriously considering
> assigning a name in the ".gov" domain based on the current rate that
> your corporation is losing money. However, as, inc. is a
> publicly-traded corporation, and policy reserves the .gov domain for
> organizations that are in fact governmental agencies, it was
> felt that this would not be appropriate.
> This change in your domain name registration only affects your
> Internet domain name as assigned by Network Solutions; and no way
> impairs your right to continue to do business under the trademark of
> "". If and when, inc. becomes a profitable
> enterprise; we will be happy to reconsider granting you once again
> the domain name "", assuming it is still available.
> This change shall take effect within the next thirty (30) days, at
> which point the "" name will be decomissioned. You have
> until then to notify customers and business partners. Effective
> immediately, and for the length of the thirty-day transition period;
> both names wlll be registered to, inc.
> If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our
> customer service department.
> Sincerely,
> Jim Rutt
> Chief Executive Officer
> Network Solutions, Inc.
> )
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