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> I found the references to permaculture to be nicely vague and
> full of feel good
> warm and fuzzy meaningless new age words. If you have a link to one that
> actually has something to say, please let me know...

You're right, most of them are pretty bad, although I thought the Tagari
Farm site was better than most, and I know from talking to people that the
farm itself is very well done. If there were more thinking like the thought
which created that farm, humans could be a keystone species rather than the
problem species they often are.

In real life, many of the people who say they're doing permaculture farms
are not; and they often do very silly things. For example, some people I
knew near Austin bought 1000's of young fruit trees and planted them only a
foot or so apart.

Of the accredited universities I know of which offer permaculture-type
programs, the University of California at Davis has the best. The last time
I was in Davis I stopped by a very nice permaculture garden some of the
students were growing on campus. In the City of Davis (not associated with
the University), there's a subdivision called Village Homes that's designed
using permaculture principles. I think you'll find these sites pretty much
free of new age fuzziness.

link to UCDavis sustainable agriculture program:>

link to Village Homes:


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