Re: HUMOR: Elvislution at work....

Date: Sun Aug 06 2000 - 18:53:41 MDT

Mojo Nixon. A great Extropian topic if I ever heard of one. Now let's see ...
he is a Libertarian, does everyone here know that?
Someone posted about something called MojNation, how dissapointed was I,
dissapointed when that thing had no mention of him.

now he has his own thread. Woohoo
Most common people know him by the Elvis song but his other stuff is far

..oh, BTW - he is running for president and his running mate is Catherine
Zeta Jones..

                                      *Mojo is Pro Pot.*
                                     *Mojo is Pro Porno.*
                                   *Mojo is Pro Poontang.*
                     *Mojo supports the search for the Male G-Spot.*
           *Mojo declares that the 1st Pokeman movie shall also be the last.*
                       *Mojo will bring the NFL to Cincinnati, Ohio.*
                             *Mojo will take MTV off the air.*
                             *Mojo will give people the finger.*
                 *Mojo hopes to die screwing his sexy wife on the desk.*
                  *Mojo supports the very flat tax of 0.(Zero, you moron)*
 *All government funding will be paid with the legalization of drugs, porno,
                             & fireworks and taxing Churches.*
            *Mojo is against the Celsius Temperature-"Fahrenheit or Fight".*
                 *Mojo will give everyone 1 extra hour of sleep at night.*
  *Mojo wants to establish friendly relations with the Bobnarian aliens from
the planet
                                         Meekmock. *
     *Mojo will abolish Casual Friday to wear any damn thing you want every
  *Mojo will lower the Voting Age to 8 and abolish schools to get kids more
involved in
                *Mojo wants to give people in Iowa Alcohol, not Ethanol.*

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