RE: OOPS: Re: New Planet Discovered in Nearby Solar System

Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 12:23:53 MDT

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"E. Shaun Russell" wrote

>An international group of astronomers announced this morning
the discovery of a new Jupiter-sized planet in our solar system.

That should read "nearby" solar system...obviously not ours.<

(Psst ... a minor detail in light of Epsilon Eridani :-))

What is so wonderful about this star is that we can actually
see it in the sky and also that there may be other planets, closer
than the large Jupiter-like planet, orbiting around it.

"Because Epsilon Eridani is so bright and one of the 10 nearest
star system it is easily detectable. 'You can go outside at night,
even in Austin, and point at it and say that star there has a
planet around it.'" (Cochran)


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