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> > if this were so, then use of antibiotics on humans would have
> > long ago developed
> > resistant strains.
> They have. Why do you think there's such a race to develop new antibiotics?
> ALL doctors I talk to have said that resistant
> > strains arise
> > as a result of patients not completing the full regimen of
> > anti-biotics they are
> > prescribed,
> Michael, you're making yourself look stupid. While failure to complete the
> full regimen of antibiotics is one factor, it's certainly not the whole
> story. Por favor. Do a little more research. Here's something to get you
> started:
> Excerpt: Factors Contributing to the Spread of Resistance
> Three factors are of key importance in the emergence and spread of
> antibiotic resistant bacteria: 1) mutations in common bacterial resistance
> genes that have extended their spectrum of resistance; 2) exchange of
> genetic information among bacteria; and 3) increase in selective pressures
> in hospitals, other institutional settings, and in the community.

As it says in the article...

Is there anything else I can do to protect my family from antibiotic-resistant
    Yes, there are some other steps you can take:
       a) When prescribed an antibiotic, take all pills in the bottle. Do not
stop taking the pills when you start to feel better.
       b) Never keep and save unused antibiotics. A family should never have
bottles of unused antibiotics sitting in their medicine chest.
       c) Never share antibiotics with your family and friends. You will do more
harm than good.

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