Re: Obsolesence of Intellectual Property

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Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 10:06:03 MDT


We have a new movement afoot: economic luddites. "We've always used
paper money to pay for shiny plastic disks, and that's how it should
forever remain, darn it!"

Luckily, there is something coming down the pipe that just might make
econo-luddites and info-anarchists agree with each other. Namely,
micropay. MoJoe is not the last, nor is it taking things quite to
their logical conclusion... wait a few months and you will see.
Micropay will make the "information wants to be free" people happy
because the miniscule size of the payments introduces minimal friction
to the flow of information. Micropay will make the "information
providers want to eat" people happy because these tiny payments can
certainly add up when collected from thousands of users who barely miss
them individually. Micropay will make ISPs and sysadmins happy because
a tiny fraction of each tiny payment can be deducted to pay for the
maintenance of infrastructure, which is currently subsidized by
cost-recovery portions of businesses, or by the government. The only
ones who will be unhappy will be the IP lawyers and those parts of the
entertainment and software industry that are too set in their ways to
adjust to this next iteration of capitalism... and they deserve to be

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