Re: GUNS: Re: Brady law has not affected homicide rates

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 08:11:28 MDT

Brian D Williams wrote:
> From: "Zero Powers" <>
> >>From: Brian D Williams <>
> >>Here's a thought: "Why is it that in Chicago handgun crime is
> >>fairly common despite the fact that they banned handguns over 18
> >>years ago, yet the surrounding suburbs where handguns are legal
> >>have almost no handgun crime?"
> >Gee I don't know. Could it be that Chicago has a fairly large
> >population of less-than-gainfully-employed, poorly educated,
> >drug-abusing people with less than ideal family backgrounds, while
> >the same is typically true to a significantly lesser extent in the
> >'burbs?
> Sarcasm aside, you are basically correct. The people involved in
> gun crime don't follow laws, so anti-gun laws are 100% ineffective.
> Illinois has licensing, instacheck, waiting periods, and in
> addition Chicago has a 19 year ban on handguns.... completely
> ineffective.

Especially when the Chicago cops are supplying most of the illegal guns.

> Give me a map of Chicago and I could outline some areas in red,
> others in yellow. As long as you never ventured into these areas
> you would never see a gun or hear a gun shot.

And any Chicago cop can tell you the same info, because the areas Brian talks
about are the areas they sell guns in.

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