GUNS: Re: Brady Law has not affected homicide rates

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 15:17:04 MDT

From: "Joe Dees" <>

>From gun shows and dealers in states, such as my own (Florida)
>with more relaxed laws; they are bought in such places and moved
>to venues with more restrictive laws to make black market money.
>It's the economics of supply and demand. I. for one, would prefer
>criminals, the unbalanced and the irresponsible to have to buy
>their illegal guns from outside of the country, not just out of
>state (in some states); anything that makes it harder for such
>people to get their hands on a tool for committing easy and rapid
>long range mass murder has to be a GOOD THING.

Really! Can you provide a citing for this? Thought not.....

Actually you got your wish, I've seen Chi-com AK47's, the full auto
version for sale here on the black market, still in the original
chinese boxes....

But that's not where they get the vast majority, try again.....


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