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> Additionally, its apparent that from the websites they link to, that
> this is some sort of campaign by anti-milk people promoting a lactose
> free diet, and while there is, on a related site, a few references to
> studies, none are linked to anything on the web, nor do the reporters
> provide ANY links to any studies done of IGF-1 impact on human health,
> which they claim is a 'growing body of evidence'. Great, lets see the
> evidence.

My reaction to the web site in question was similar to yours, Mike. But
wide-spread use of antibiotics in animals feeds would theoretically lead to
resistant strains of bacteria, and apparently it HAS contributed to the fact
that many bacteria are now resistant to all but one or two antibiotics and
that there's a constant race between lab and bacteria; and the bacteria seem
to be pulling ahead. Cetainly resistant bacteria can be introduced into a
consumer's body as when, for example, the person is preparing raw meat for

I'm more familiar with the chicken industry than the milk industry. I've
seen some appalling things on chicken farms--VERY sick, cancerous chickens
that I wouldn't even want to TOUCH, much less eat. I raise my own chickens,
and the meat and eggs I produce bear little resemblance to the stuff I see
for sale in the supermarket. I'd have to be starving before I'd eat
commercial chicken meat; and from what I've heard & read, the beef & milk
industries in general are no better.


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