Re: An interesting article about the aussie people

From: m (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 22:44:10 MDT

--- Damien Broderick <>

> >Interesting article, but I wonder what the sample size
> was!
> Erm, my guess is 500. The reason I think so is that it
> sez:
> < Five hundred respondents, chosen randomly by Roy Morgan
> Research, were
> asked over the phone >

Oh my! That'll teach me to read email on 3 hours sleep !
(even re-read it). Still (necessarily) this is a pretty
small sample out of 20 000 000.

> >I've also just finished watching the first episode of
> >Robert Hughes' TV documentary "Beyond The Fatal Shore",
> on

> Rabbiting on abt how Oz is now the land of licence and
> sexual freedom,
> illustrated by some shots of naked people romping in a
> paddock... with
> their very mildly rude bits blurred out to spare us (or
> more likely the
> prudish UK and US viewers) the shock of the nude.

:). It's *arse* gratia artis! Well I *did* say not to
believe in generalisations too much! In fact I haven't had
a naked romp in a field with a film crew for, oh, WEEKS in
fact! Maybe there'd be a photo opp if I get fit with the
cycling .. :)


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