Re: [decentralization] Decentralization and exhastive searches: mutually exclusive?

From: Lucas Gonze ((no)
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 20:09:52 MDT

[Non-member submission]

> So, what about combining the best of the two? Decentralization and
> exhaustive searching? Is it a logical impossibility, or is it merely
> something that hasn't been done yet?

Decentralization and exhaustive searching, to my mind, is a logical
impossibility. This is because there is no master controller. A master
controller in a distributed network has a bird's eye view of the whole
system. In a decentralized network, all nodes have a worm's eye view.
No node can see beyond the nodes it is directly connected to.

There may be temporary aberrations where a maker of software (or
protocols) tries to control what users do with the software. I believe
this is a waste of time.

- Lucas

On Mon, 31 Jul 2000, Alex Future Bokov wrote:

> Okay, this is a theoretical question that I'd like to ask without
> getting bogged down in politics. I'm using Napster and Gnutella as
> convenient examples and not because I approve or disapprove of either.
> 1. Gnutella--
> It's distributed and therefore robust. You cannot shut down
> gnutellanet by shutting down one, or ten, or a thousand servers.
> However, you cannot do exhaustive searches on it. The content
> you're looking for might be out there and yet not be guaranteed
> to show up on a search. Another disadvantage is that the
> searches make inefficient use of bandwidth.
> 2. Napster--
> It is exhaustive. For better or worse, you'll find every single
> instance of Michael_Jackson_Thriller.mp3 that anybody on the
> network is serving. However, the server/s that store the
> content listings and corresponding locations of the content are
> all under the control of one company, which means they are
> vulnerable to legal action, censorship, company-wide technical
> failure, corporate abuse, and attack by hackers.
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