Re: SPACE/TECH/BOOKS: Zubrin falls on his pen

Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 17:42:56 MDT

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<< I tend to believe that content people sit around and don't do anything
 important. It is the dissatisfied people who don't like things the way they
 are, and feel the urge to explore or change their current situation. >>

I know what you mean, however what I think is that there are few disemployed
people who hang glide, or go to Burning Man, or become part of Zubrin's space
organization. Its is (I contend) people with pocket change and time on their
hands who would seek the thrills of outer space. Whatever the world has
become, it is not Islanders setting off in longboats as centuries ago, or
Nick O'reilly setting off from fair, but starved-out, Ireland and move to the
USA. Takes bucks and leisure.

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