Re: SOC: cultural relativism

From: Natasha Vita-More (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 09:31:56 MDT

At 01:33 AM 7/31/00 -0400, Dan wrote:

>I would also add that spelling (sollipsism) and grammar (whom ... are)
>are really tools of the white phallocentric elite to crush the
>creativity of us free thinkers!

>-Dan, who, ah, hadn't gotten enough sleep that night, and...

When words are spelled according to the language used, I find great
creative pleasure in reading. When words are misspelled, I look for the
author's intended emphasis, play on words, or onomatopoeia. Alternatively
it could become an ad hominem excuse.

As someone who does misspell words due to rapid typing skills and lazy
editing skills, I can easily say that it doesn't add to the content of the
text, but takes a lot of effort on the reader part to distinguish what is
being said.

Such is culturally relative not just to intellectual artists, but to all
who learn to read and write in this language including, without limitation,
lawyers, philosophers, educators, sociologists, economists, chiefs, truck
drivers, waiters, musicians, handypeople, doctors, librarians,
horticulturists, consultants, writers, linguists, housekeepers,
politicians, ad interim ad infinitum.


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