RE: Self Destruct Warning: Only half pro-Constitution

From: Terry Donaghe (
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 11:04:35 MDT

What Republic? The end was probably more than 100 years ago. It doesn't
really matter anyway. As long as "they" (the gov, kabals, illuminati,
Hollywood, Rockefeller, IRS, NSA, Echelon, the Ma Parker Gang, the mob,
NAACP, NCAA, KKK, JFK Jr.'s ghost, the Green Party, Pat Buchanan, tv's
Patrick Duffy, Stile, whoever thought Baby Geniuses was a great movie idea,
Scientologists, non-polygamist mormon lesbians, etc, etc) don't stop the
progress of technology and don't wise up to the implications of mature
nanotechnology, I don't really care.

Our great "republic" has dilluted any sense of actual participation by it's
"citizens" that much less than half the population bothers to vote in the
first place. Of course they care less about the Constitution - our public
"schools" have seen to it that most people only have the foggiest notion of
the constitution in the first place.

A bumper sticker I saw the other day:

If voting could actually change anything, it'd be illegal.

True. True.

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Apparently only half the population of the US would vote for the US
Constitution if its ratification were voted on today. Man the lifeboats,
people, the end of the Republic is nigh...

Mike Lorrey

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