Re: SPACE/TECH/BOOKS: Zubrin falls on his pen

Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 10:04:02 MDT

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<< I presume that one of Zubrins frustrations with the 'nano-santa' premise
 is that it breeds an atmosphere of complacency, where anything hard to
 do now in space will be put off until the nanites can do it for us. Such
 an attitude can derail and end manned exploration once and for all, for
 starters. What this attitude will lead to in the future as well is for
 it to devolve from acceptance of using robot probes, to merely
 acceptance of remote observation by telescope, as people get more fat
 and happy on their couches. >>
I wonder if fat and happy people would like to explore the surface of mars,
and that the disatisfied people never would?

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