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From: Gina Miller (
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 01:31:43 MDT

Sheesh, I had a horrible stage of it in early puberty. I thought the
Talisman was cool, (good guy reading) going back and forth from the modern
world into a primitive warrior world. It was a dual time journey that led
completely different lives. Yes, the Backman Files, Children of the Corn,
Carrie, Salems Lot, It, Cujo,
Pet Semetary (no, it's not spelled wrong), Maximum Overdrive, (was the name
of the book that had the adapted movie Stand by Me called Different
Seasons?), The Dead Zone (cool movie with Christopher Walken -who I dig- but
the movie's ending came out different than the book, just like Cujo) Night
Shift, Skeleton Crew, I hated the Gunslinger (Louis L'amour came to mind,
yuck) then there was the one that took place entirely in a room that a woman
was tied up in, Gerald's Game.(can you say sexual tension?) Gerald was also
the name of that kid in Pet Semetery. I noticed in a lot of his books he
would have some one reading a book he previously wrote in real life or
something like that. And dang, Misery made a good movie. The Shawshank
Redemption went in a different direction than the stereotype King (sort of
like Stand by Me had), a banker convicted of murders he didn't commit and a
friendship that meets at the end.Storm of the Century was cool, a town get's
snowed in and cut off from the rest of the world via storm, and have to come
together and pick one of their own communities children to sacrifice for
some odd murderous being. (it was interesting to see how they decided to do
that, this was serious tension)
The Golden Years was a cool King movie for us Science freaks, the chick from
X-files was in it, she was blonde and better looking in that role, a lot
hotter than X-files portrays her. There's some chemical age messin' stuff in
that flick, or something like that. The movie Cat's Eye, with the 3 mini
movies in it, one had a strange little dwarf, the other (stood out most) had
a stop smoking group, that these people joined, and would be intensely
watched, and severely punished, when they snuck a cig in! The Shining, cabin
fever galore! Thinner, screw it, don't diet! The Tommyknockers, read it, but
I don't remember it.
I haven't read his stuff in such a long time, but teenager-hood sticks. I
did buy some of his newer books, started them, and set them down to reach
over for oh, I don't know let's say, CREATE/RECREATE: The 3rd Millennial
Culture, or my fav, Nanosystems or perhaps the new Nanomedicine.....etc.
Okay, okay, I'll stiffle now....(did I just type all of this waste of
You would have thought, that the master of horror, the boogey man himself,
would have come up with something better than a 80's arcade version of that
fair game, where you take the big foam hammer and hit the chipmunk heads!

> Nope...I think I read "the stand'...."children of the corn"<is that
> right?>..."it" and possible some of the Bachman Files....about that time I
> gave up on king....

> > >Did you read the Talisman?
> >Gina
> >

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