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Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 11:59:38 MDT

"White, Ryan" wrote on
Fri, 28 Jul 2000 10:10:19 -0700

>1. The education of the public about scientific advances such
that they can make more informed decisions about technology and
its regulation through legislative initiatives.

And, one logical means to this end,

2. Directed efforts to bridge the communication gap between scientific
communities and the public.<

On the first point, I tried this once and failed. On the second
point, this is precisely what I have attempted to do outside
the political architecture and have succeeding on many fronts
through implementing cultural projects outside our Extropian
community. Reaching more than one hundred thousand people through
TV programming and speaking at conferences and academic structures
has been beneficial. But more than this, communicating Extropian
ideas through the arts has been the one largest accomplishment
because the arts largely influences culture. Although I am not
presently involved in the film industry, I continue to communicate
ideas to producers and directors who are deeply emerged in that
industry. But I am not alone. Many extropians pursue communicating
sound information about future technologies. One aspect of the
work we do that alerts minds and pricks up ears is our presence
in the press. Recently, FM-2030's cryonic suspension reached
newspapers and radio programs around the world. It is terribly
ironic that his loss of functioning caused such a media alert.
The only upside of this tragic event was that his life and interests
in future technologies was reported in some of the most prestigious
news periodicals around. Recently, I was at a scientific think-thank
meeting recently and it was quite interesting to see who welcomed
me as a cross-liner (arts/sciences): While Robert Freitas and
Mike West (the heavy hitters) were receptive Greg Stock (?) was
not. Scientisits themselves have got to understand that being
territorial about it only pushes the public away.

>Wouldn't you like to know how the pro's and con's were presented
to your president?<


>Wouldn't it be sort of useful for us to know how this and
related issues (to tie this back to extropian initiatives) are
presented to those that govern us?<


>If we knew how they conceptualize new technologies,
we would be in a much more informed position from which to influence
both legislation and public opinion?<


And here is the dichotomy. We favor not being tied to any one
political viewpoint (I am now not aligned to a political party)
but we do need a Global agenda.

>My first question: is this classified information?
My second question: if not, how do we acquire this information,
or do any among you possess it?
My third question: if it is classified, should it be?<

Don't know. I have to follow the lines of being neither right
not left, but up. It seems entirely more sophisticated to vote
on issues rather than people and party-lines.


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