Celestial property rights?

From: White, Ryan (ryan@dvelco.com)
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 12:35:52 MDT

I don't remember where I saw this (twas a long time ago), but I discovered I
was looking at a map of the lunar surface, which was all divvied up between
countries/corporations? by what appeared to be property lines. I also
remember hearing about people selling acreage on the moon. Is this reality?
Who owns the moon? How was that determined? Are other concentrations of
matter/energy out there in space similarly 'claimed'? I remember reading
discussions about mining asteroids and such. Is there a UN sanctioned rule
somewhere, whereby institutions might go about claiming ownership of
celestial objects? Should I anticipate hearing about the 'Microsoft
galaxy'? Anybody out there know the rules to that game?

Ryan v24.2

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