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there's also a Methodist meaning that might be on the mark:,5716,84872+1+82688,00.html
"circuit of congregations"

..and that might be a reference to a loverman "getting in there" under
color of authority, too.


 circuit rider

 Methodist ministerial role that was originated in England by John
Wesley. The first of
 the American circuit riders was Robert Strawbridge, who arrived in the
colonies in
 1764. A few years later Wesley sent missionaries to the American
colonies, but most of
 them departed when revolution threatened. One who remained was Francis
 who, as Wesley's general assistant, was responsible for organizing the

 Each circuit of congregations--sometimes comprising as many as 25 or 30
 places--was under the supervision of a Methodist conference preacher
who might have
 several lay assistants. Any young man who could preach and was willing
to ride a
 horse for weeks over wild country might become an assistant and finally
a circuit rider.
 Circuit riders numbered about 100 by the end of the American
Revolution. The salary
 was $64 a year until 1800, when it was raised to $100, with the horse
 There were few actual meetinghouses; church services usually were held
in cabins, in
 barrooms, or outdoors.

 Circuit riders were a religious and moral force along the frontier and
in rural areas of
 the South, and they were largely responsible for the propagation of
 throughout the United States. The practice was soon adopted by other


Spike Jones wrote:
> Cooool! Thanks Mike! Waaaay cool, mystery solved. spike
> "Michael M. Butler" wrote:
> > "County Circuit". Originally referring to a judge who handled cases by
> > traveling around to various rustic locations to handle major/capital
> > cases. It might have been used as a metaphor for, e.g., a girlfriend
> > that played around.
> >
> > > > >Non extropian trivia please: has anyone here heard of a
> > > > >song, perhaps going back to the 1950s, called CC Rider?

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