Re: Burning Man

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 14:05:38 MDT

James Rogers wrote:
> On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, you wrote:
> > anybody going to Burning Man, this year ?
> > I am thinking of going there myself with a collegue and I remember that some
> > listmembers went last year.
> > any advice ?
> My advice: watch out for cattle on the highway.
> I was up near Gerlach during last year's Burning Man (but not for the
> event) and the sides of the road were littered with the carcasses of open
> range cattle. Like many parts of northern Nevada, the highway going to
> Burning Man is open range i.e. cattle wander across the highway any time
> they feel like it, which is frequent.
> I have a friend who I later found out was among the many people who
> totalled their cars on a bovine last year during the festival. I imagine
> it that it really pisses of the ranchers to lose so many heads of cattle
> in a week to careless drivers. I guess all the city slickers that go to
> these things aren't used to cattle being a (moving) road hazard, because
> I've almost never seen a bovine vehicle fatality any other time.

You know, the access road into where the Rainbow Gathering occured was also open
range, but no cattle got whacked... The only carcasses on the side of the road
were vehicles of people that could not handle the rockiness and ruttiness of the

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